Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now that it is nice out....

It is time to think about saving on laundry. I know hanging out laundry in the middle of a Canadian winter is not pleasing to anyone but now that the nicer weather is here why not take full advantage of it. I know for us it has made a huge difference in our monthly electrical bill. So now with the temperatures that have decided to bless us this pass weekend and the temperatures coming my laundry will be making it's way to the clothesline. We are a family of 6 mainly teens and adults and one little girl who LOVES to change her clothes whenever the mood strikes here despite our request not to.

Only a monthly basis we are probably saving $25 to $30/month.

I would love to have the clothesline with the cemented in posts like my mom used to have when I was a child but alas no room at our house and we don't have that kind of money sitting around so an umbrella clothesline it is. We use ours hard and I think this year I have to replace the cord to put on it as last year it was getting a bit warn. It does have to last through some pretty intense Canadian winters.

If you don't have money for an umbrella clothesline what about just picking up the nylon line and getting creative by using trees to hang it on or whatever you have in your backyard will work.

Here are a few tips for hanging your clothes outside:
  • hang your clothes inside out to avoid fading.
  • remember to give your a snap before hanging as it will reduce wrinkles
  • Hanging matches together like socks and corresponding tops and bottoms easier when you take it off the line.
  • hang shirts on hangers it takes one step away when taking it off the line it can go right into your closet
  • be sure not to hang things but their collar as you don't want the collar to stretch out

Monday, April 20, 2009

Check out my menu plan....

I have posted my menu plan on my main blog....

It's Just my Life...
Click on it to check out what is in the menu!

Errands for today and Sunday....

We needed desperately to do some errands and get some groceries mainly meat. I know buying grocery store meat isn't smoething every likes to do but for us we have to shop the sales even pick up cheaper cuts of meat as we are still dealing with a lack of income in our house.

Here is a list of some of our purcases:

* Whole chickens 1.18/lb picked up two
o $5.02
o $5.30
+ each chicken should give us two to three meals
* Lean Ground Beef
o $11.93
+ this will do 5 meals for us

* Chicken Breasts
o $9.09
o $10.03
# both should give us 3 meals each pkg
* Ham Shank
o 13.93
+ this will do 4 meals for us
* Grapes
o $1.81 for 2lbs

* 7.47 Box meatballs
o Definitely good for 3 meals
* Hot House Tomatoes
o $1.77 for 4 of them
* Bananas
+ $2.00 for 3lbs
* Raisins
o $1.97 for 14 individual packs
* Doritos (treat for Rob)
o $1.97 for 1 bag
* Bugles Nacho Cheese (treat for Alyssa)
o $1.73 for 1 bag

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saving by buying Generic

In this house where money is not a surplus by any means we buy a lot of items that are generic if we don't make it from scratch. I remember growing up and my parents being pretty brand loyal about a few items. Here at this house we only seem to be brand loyal on our mustard. And for mustard we only buy French's but usually I can find coupons for this item. YEAH!

I used to be a big soda drinker or I should say a big Pepsi drinker so very much brand loyal but since giving up soda basically altogether I guess I would say no worries here about being brand loyal any longer. If I do drink it I will say my preference is definitely Pepsi!

I find generic over the counter medications a great savings. Seriously I save tons on what I do purchase.

Pantry staples again pretty much generic and so far we are surviving so why not think about giving generic brands a try??

Better for you Value Pack at Walmart

Word has it that Walmat has some better for you value packs for $5.99

The packs include some great items at a really good value.

500g Quaker Oat Squares Cereal
375g box of catelli healthy harvest ww macaroni pasta
8x26g quaker chewy bars chocolate chip
6 pack nestea pink lemonade singles(like crystal light)
4 motts fruitsation 100% juice freezies
200g box Dare Vinta crackers
single pouch nescafe cappucino
single pouch nescafe espresso
$0.50 coupon off nescafe latte or capuccino

Deals this week... starts April 10th for the most part

Kraft philadelphia cream cheese or dips ~ $1.99 (use your $1 off new philly dips found in stores)
Kelloggs corn flakes, all bran flakes ~ $2.99 (use your buy two save $2 found in stores)

Pantene hair care ~ $4.99 (use your $2 off brandsaver coupon)
Gain liquid 1.47L or powder laundry detergent 24-40 uses ~ $5.99 (use your $1 off coupon from paper inserts)
D'italiano bread ~ 2/$4 (use your $0.50 off cash for kids coupon)
Dawn or ivory dish soap ~ $1.97 (use your $0.50 off coupons found in stores)

Jos Louis 6 pack ~ $2 (use your $0.50 cash for kids coupon)
Pantene pro v shampoo or conditioner 675ml ~ $6 (use your $2 brandsaver coupon)
Purex Laundry Detergent 40 uses ~ $4.00 (use your $1 coupon)
Boys fruit of the Loom 6 pack socks ~$3 (no coupon but 50cents/pair is a good deal)

Sunny D 1.6L ~ $1.70 (use your buy two save $0.75 cash for kids coupon)
Catelli healthy harvest pasta ~ $1.79 (use your buy two save $1 on catelli pasta)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The gardening season is almost upon us. I plan to get some seeds and get them started this weekend. If you are new to gardening like I am why not ask around to people you know and find out who has been gardening for a while and ask them some questions. If space is limited you can do some container gardening. Every little bit helps and I do know for me it tastes so much better.

If you don't have a friend who has gardened before why not hit your local library. Books are free to borrow if you return them on time. Or just google it and find a large amount of information on gardening and tips.

Start small .... if you are new to gardening it can be overwhelming so starting out small is the key here. Baby steps!

I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed gardening last year. It was a great stress reliever. Something I really needed and need even more this year. :)

Happy Gardening my friends!!!!