Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ways to be Frugal

  1. Buy some seeds and grow your own garden.
  2. Make waffles and pancakes from scratch and freeze them for a quick breakfast.
  3. Shop early for all occasions including birthdays when things are on sale.
  4. Do not throw away socks that have holes in them use them for dusting.
  5. Try to make some meatless meals for dinner.
  6. Try your hand at making your own bread all the time.
  7. Line dry your clothes if you can.
  8. Get creative with your decorating by re purposing items you already have in your home.

Monday, March 23, 2009

On Saturday I went for a redemption day... I love free stuff! We were able to get everything we needed. I should have posted about the redemption weekend earlier.

Some of our purchases:

  • daughters meds $30
  • Fusion razors on sale for 6.99 less 5.00 coupon
  • granola bars
ugh... my mind is blank as I try to get back on track today... UGH!

Amazing deal on Jane's Chicken Burgers at Superstore right now a box for only 4.99 I think they also have on nuggets and chicken strips for the same price.

Tightwad Travel in Niagara Falls

This week was March Break for our kids and family. We decided last minute to take a trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario as it has been years since we have been there about 14 years to be exact. Our son had plans to go to Brock University to visit a friend while we were in Niagara Falls.

I knew upon planning our trip that staying at one of the family resorts was not at all in our budget. Who has $200 to $400/night to spend on accommodations not this girlie! I went on expedia.ca and searched for accommodations for Thursday night. One night only. I was talking to my dear friend about the area since she was from the area and she told me to pick the Country Inn & Suites, well I am so glad she did. We got an amazing rate for a wonderful hotel that included a breakfast that was delicious. The hotel is about 2 years old, has indoor salt water pool and whirlpool. The workout room was a bit small but my middle daughter enjoyed working out in it. We all loved the pool and it was never too crowded. Sometimes we were the only ones in the pool area.

We walked down Ferry Street and Clifton Hill to the Falls on the Friday. The temperatures were not to bad and we enjoyed the sites. There was a Build A Bear on Ferry Street and our youngest daughter made a High School Musical Build a Bear and I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was. I was always lead to believe how much these were but ours was a great priced. So Gabriella now has a new home with us here.

We brought our own snacks and drinks with us to the hotel it seriously cuts down on expenses. We have a lovely time and I would go back at any point and time to this hotel. It was great.

I will say that a little dog we love was so happy to have us home. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meatless Meal Ideas

What do you cook as your meatless meals?

Pita Pizzas
Vegetable Lasagne
Grilled Cheese
Garden Vegetable Soup

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grocery Prices Soar (article)

There was an article in the London Free Press on February 28,2009 This is just not in Canada but every where. We need to use all the tips and tricks to save money grocery shopping and with cooking now more than ever.

  1. Always take a list to the grocery store stick to it
  2. Try to shop with what is on sale
  3. Make a meal plan
  4. Use coupons (yes there is coupons available for Canadians too)
  5. When recipes call for chicken breasts (the most expensive cut) substitute with cheaper cuts
  6. Keep your leftovers and freeze it and make it into a soup once a week
  7. Brown bag lunch to work
  8. Buy in bulk (sometimes cheaper)
  9. Buy fresh fruits and produce when on sale
  10. Avoid pre-packaged single serving items as they are more expensive
  11. Stock up on your favourite cereal when it is on sale
  12. Sales usually rotate on about a 12 week basis
  13. Be realistic about the food you really need
  14. Don't shop when you are hungry
  15. Compare prices by per unit
  16. Buy a whole chicken and cut it into pieces as it is cheaper that way
  17. Make your own deserts (trust me it will taste better)
  18. Go without your kids
  19. Bring a calculator
  20. Make sure scanned price is posted price on the shelf