Monday, May 3, 2010

** Proctor and Gamble Free Samples **

This is the brandsampler promotion. All you have to do is go and fill out their questionnaire and you will receive the products you pick at your door. It is that simple. :)

Click on the link:

Sunday Deals....

I went armed with some coupons and a list of on sale items that I needed to pick up to get me thru the week.....

Kraft aMOOza twists $3.99 - use $1 off coupon
Christies crackers 2 for $4 - use buy 3 save $1.50 coupon(in-store coupon)
Philadelphia cream cheese or dips $2.49 - use buy 3 save $1.50 coupon(in-store coupon)
Gillette Fusion razor $5.99 - use $4 off coupon(

I will add that I found many more coupons in store today making my coupon savings $19.50 today. I also picked up just over $10 worth of quaker products for the $10 presidents choice gift card promotion and will be sending it away this week. :)

All Loblaws family stores are giving away a $10 PC gift cards when you purchase $10 in participating products: Tropicana Juices/Juice Blends and Cocktails (1.75L,1.89L,2.63L all vareties)Gatorade and G2 beverages (591ml,710ml,910ml and 6x591ml all flavours) Quaker Ready to Eat Ce reals as follows Harvest Crunch (Original, Light &Crisp Honey Nut sizes 645g-750g) Life(Original ,Toasted Cinnamon and Multigrain sizes595g-650g)Cap'n Crunch (size350g) Square (Corn Bran,Oatmeal (500g-540g all flavours) Quaker hot cereals as follows Instant Oatmeal (sizes296g-425g all flavours/varieties) Oats(large flake,one minute and quick, 100%whole Grain Oatmeal packets sizes 360g, 900g 1kg, Natural Wheat Bran (300g) Oat Bran Hot Cereal (625kg) Kretschmer Wheat Germ (340g) Quaker Baking and muffin Mixes (900g all varieties, Aunt Jemima Mixes(900g all varieties)and Syrups 750ml all varieties) Quaker Granola Bars (Chewy,Fibre & Omega,Yogourt, Trail Mix, Dipps158g-452g all flavours and 100 Calorie (132g all flavours) Granola Crunchers (120g all flavours) Quaker Criy Minis (sizes100g-214g all flavours/varieties)
2.Enclose the original itemized store-identified cash register dated between April 30,2010 and May 27 2010 with purchased price of each participating product circled and enclose the original proof-of-purchase symbol(UPC Code) All products must be purchased in the same transaction
3.Complete this original mail-in offer with your name,address and phone no.
4.Mail all to the above address postmarked by June 17,2010 to

Quaker/Tropicana/Gatorade President Choice Gift CardOffer
PO Box 9733 Saint John
New Brunswick
E2L 4P5

1 Gift Card Offer per Address or Household

Over all a good day... I would like to get back over there and pick up some more Gillette Fusion razors for only 1.99ea.